4 Things That Jump Out About Munro Shoes

Munro shoes are identified for three key factors. Fit, Comfort and quality. And thanks to their wide selection of sizes and widths you are guaranteed to find the ideal pair. This is one of the key reasons so many women really like these shoes. No matter how your foot is shaped you are certain to find a pair of Munro shoes that meet your needs exactly.

While Munro shoes have a really good reputation, the question is do they really surpass that reputation? Are they truly worth that price? That's a question you will have to answer yourself. But to help you out a little bit I am going to share with you 4 things that actually stand out about this particular style of shoe.

Price The first thing you will see about Munro shoes is the price. And you know why? Because they are certainly not cheap. The cheapest pair you will find will set you back around $60 while the most pricey pair will cost you $200. That's a pretty substantial price tag. For $60 you will be in a position to get a pair of the Munro basic loafer. Its a nice shoe but there isn't anything at all too fancy about it.

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If on the other hand you want something a little more elegant you can go with a high end boot. This is the one that will cost you $200. In some instances it may even cost you extra. And while these price ranges may look a little steep, these shoes are genuinely well worth it.

Size & Fit The second thing that stands apart is the way the shoes fit. If you are a woman who requires your shoes to fit a specific way, these are the shoes you want. With over 70 unique size and width combinations you are certain to find one that's ideal for you. Their sizes start at a 4 and go all the way up to a size 14. They also offer you a great deal of half sizes in between.

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Munro shoes devotes a lot of time concentrating on fit and size. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that you have the best experience possible when wearing their shoes. If you can't locate precisely what you need you can always order a made to order pair. Just be sure to have your foot correctly measured first. You want to ensure that you get it right the first time.

Quality, Quality, Quality If there is one thing Munro shoes pride themselves on its top quality. And they have the track record to back it up. They are known for making excellent quality shoes that can stand the test of daily wear and tear. These shoes are long lasting and will last you for quite along time.

Most people who go shopping for Munro shoes are searching for an uncommon size. And most people don't want to buy a number of basic everyday shoes so they just buy a few pairs of Munro shoes. And that's okay because these shoes can cope with just about anything you throw their way. They are designed strong.

However, there is one warning. While the shoe on its own is very durable, the soles are not. Regrettably the soles on these shoes can wear out fairly quickly. Because of this you will discover yourself needing to resole them. But don't fear, resoles are very affordable. If you don't mind changing them out every now and then this would be the best pair of shoes for you. If that will lead to problems you will need to locate a shoe with soles that don't wear out as quick.

Style Very last up on the list is style. The way Munro shoes are designed really makes them stand out in the market. They are very modest yet stylish and classy. They wouldn't be regarded as fashionable but you can wear them with just about everything. They aren't extravagant or over the top like you would think with many shoes these days. For some that can be a bad thing. They may think about them dull and boring.

And truthfully that may be true. But if you are more interested in comfort and fit than the way the shoe looks, you will really like this shoe. This is the type of shoe you can have on at work or out at night. They are flexible in that way. Again, the shoe is very standard. But it is stylish enough to make your feet look great while you are out and about.

I think its safe to say these shoes are not for everyone. They are however a excellent pair of shoes for the suitable person. No they aren't the most fashionable pair of shoes, but they are quality and they will make your feet feel very comfortable. And for me that's all that is important. And don't forget, they are experts in making shoes for women with one of a kind feet. If that's you these are the shoes you require.

Andy Pitt